This article was contributed by our fan-favorite, Elaine, Dalton. Piercing baby’s ears is a controversial topic right now, with many parents stating that it is a personal decision. While this is true, there are other factors to consider before making an informed choice. For some parents, having baby’s…


Piercing of baby’s ears means any needle like substance will be pricked and that will come in contact with the inner layers of skin and blood as well. Therefore, piercing your baby’s ears must be done in hygienic conditions. No matter whether you choose a doctor or a jeweler,

It’s simply a cultural tradition,” wrote Soto, and co-author of the book "Bilingual is Better." And sometimes parents want to have their child's ears pierced when they are infants. The reasons behind ear piercing in children can be cultural or cosmetic, but it  Sep 21, 2020 For example, the piercer should use a needle instead of a piercing gun, the latter of which is more popular at jewelry stores, kiosks, and malls. Feb 12, 2021 According to pediatricians, baby ear piercing is generally a safe practice, heated up a needle on the gas stove, and pierced it right through,”  Mar 20, 2020 Since piercings are common among people of all ages—parents get their babies and young children's ears pierced, and many adults add  Jul 19, 2018 According to my mother, a baby nurse at the hospital administered the piercing using an ice cube and a needle. In Venezuela, where I was born,  Jan 22, 2020 I got my ears pierced two or three times as a child and adolescent before If I had gone to a professional piercer who used a needle for my ear  Sep 3, 2018 The danger of piercing your baby's ears is the risk of infection, which is very real!

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The pain from the needle will be more like getting an injection, and the piercing gun will feel like a stapler pin going through the skin. Dr. Ear Piercing is focused on serving those in NJ and NY looking for a safe and welcoming environment for infant ear piercing. He specializes in hollow needle ear piercing; A much safer method than the piercing guns you may be familiar with.

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Piercing baby ears with needle

“I took my 4 year old to get her ears pierced with Dr. Sharon. She was Needle Pushers. 14.8 mi Baby Aaliyah had to get pierced twice on the same ear…” 

Piercing baby ears with needle

Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. Although modern piercing techniques revolve around piercing guns, when it comes to baby ear piercings, it is recommended to use a needle. This is because piercing guns cannot be fully sterilized. On the other hand, needles present a much lower chance of acquiring infections. Over the course of a few months, in the basement of my parents’ house, I stayed up late, and, with a needle and thread and an ice cube, I pierced my own ears while watching MTV. Sometimes a friend was with me, sometimes I was alone.

Piercing baby ears with needle

However, a piercing gun can be used on baby’s ears.
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Piercing baby ears with needle

For infants and children, our professional ear piercers use a surgical hollow needle rather than a piercing gun. We’ve found that piercing with a needle has proven to be less traumatic to the flesh and reduces the chance of infection. A piercing gun uses pressure to push the earring through, which may cause damage to the tissue.

If you want to spare your newborn that pain , ask the doctor whether a little bit of topical anesthesia can be applied to the lobe before the piercing . 2020-03-20 · Piercing needles come in a variety of sizes, customized for specific types of piercings, and are pre-packaged and thoroughly sterilized. You might not know what that old sewing needle is made of, but you can rest assured that a professional piercing needle is made of high-quality, surgical stainless steel.
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“I took my 4 year old to get her ears pierced with Dr. Sharon. She was Needle Pushers. 14.8 mi Baby Aaliyah had to get pierced twice on the same ear…” 

I'd wait until they were older. It's cute and all, but otherwise I don't really see a point or purpose for a baby to have their ears pierced. Anyways, I'd feel more comfortable taking them to a reputable tattoo parlor so it can be done by a professional with a needle and not a piercing gun. I don't trust Claire's and 'nem.

We never use piercing guns and only use the best needles on the market for as We recommend reading this with your child if you are considering getting this this age to ask about getting their ears pierced (especially if parents+wh

Gather your materials and wash your hands well with an anti-bacterial soap and hot water.

Things to keep in mind. Here is where you should get your child's ears pierced. Fool-proof parlours. The decision to have your child's earlobes pierced can be a difficult one for parents. A “one use only needle” is the cleanest, and least traumatic to the tissue,  Who's planning to pierce their baby's ears, and why? are set on getting them pierced, take them to a place that is sanitary, sterile, and uses needles (not guns).